Chrissy R

Lake Worth, FL

Being a recent relocater from NC to FL, we are well aware that air conditioners and the men/women who repair them are a valuble asset. Our first experience with an A/C repair company was less than desireable, so we checked out some other companys. We eventually settled on Aurora Air and we are glad we did. Our air went out at sometime in the morning while we were away, and didnt realize anything was wrong until we walked into an 80 degree, veryt humid house. Immediately, my fingers did some research on the internet and we decided on AA. I spoke with a gentleman on the phone named Winifred (?) and he was very helpful. He told me Dominick would be out that afternoon to assess the problem. Dominick was very nice and immediately diagnosed the problem. Unfortunately, he would have to get a new part and would be unable to fix the unit until tomorrow. To save costs, Dominick was willing to give me his AC license number so I could go to the local distributor to pick up the necessary part (this way, he wouldnt have to charge me for travel time to-and-from the distributor). Apparently, we were unable to do this so Dominick had to pick up the part. He was very nice and did great work. The price was very reasonable as well. It always sucks moving, especially 12 hours away, because you lose all of your valued contacts such as AC repair, auto mechanic, doctor, etc. I feel as though we have found our go-to AC guy and I am happy about that.