S Dugar

Our Rheem Central AC quit on a Monday night and I wasn't so happy with the folks we'd been using so I turned to Yelp for advice. Sure enough, I saw everyone raving about this company Aurora and I'm usually pretty happy with my fellow-Yelpers recommendations so I called them at 8pm and spoke to someone.

Apparently, when I changed the filter and pulled the breaker on the handler instead of walking to the thermostat (yes...I'm lazy), I may have fried the breaker. I talked to a VERY nice guy Mon night (after going to Home Depot for a portable for the bedroom so we could sleep) and he said they'd get someone out first a.m. True to their word, 9am on the nose the doorbell rings. The Tech was super nice and exceeded my expectations.

Bottom line: These folks set the standard by which other AC Service providers should be measured. They're friendly, fast, easy to deal with and affordable with no BS - just good people. If you're looking for a company to partner with for your AC needs now or down the road, look no further.

PS I know I sound like a paid spokesperson ;-) but truly I just believe in helping good businesses and warning people about the not-so-goods, so hope this helps you.