Duct Work

Duct repair, sealing and replace services.

Duct work with a focus on high efficiency.

Ductwork carries and guides the air that comes out of your Air Conditioner Air Handler.  Ductwork also returns the air to the system and the cooling or heating cycle is complete. 

If you have leaky air ducts, the temperature treated air lacks the strength to reach all of the areas of your home.  Leaks in the ducts also causes for hot air from the attic and other pollutants to enter the air system.  Leaky air ducts is also the cause for the air conditioner to work harder and longer to compensate for the loss or air flow.  This increases your energy bill and will prevents you from fully enjoying the power of your air conditioner.

Residential to Commercial Ductwork 

Aurora Air, Inc. has many years of experience design, installing and maintaining optimum airflow for your air conditioned space.  Unlike other air conditioner companies, Aurora Air, Inc. has highly trained and experienced professionals that deliver on their promise of higher quality air flow.

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