Tips to Conserve Energy and Keep You Cool

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Following some tips to make sure you conserve energy while keeping your home cool or warm.

 Make sure you have your air conditioner checked at least twice a year or as recommended by the unit manufacturer or your HVAC technician

 Replace your filter regularly.  If you have washable filters, make sure you rinse them every month.  Dirty and clogged filters make your system work harder.

 Place shades or curtains on windows facing east and west to reduce the amount of direct sunlight entering your home.

 Use fans to circulate air in the house.  A fan consumes less electricity than a running air conditioner.

 In summer months set your thermostat to 76 degrees or higher.  Using fans in conjunction with your air conditioner will help you stay comfortable while reducing your electrical bill.

 Keep your attic space properly insulated.

 Make sure your windows and doors are properly sealed.  Cold air conditioned air or hot warm air leaving and entering through cracks or badly sealed structures cause air conditioner units to work longer and at frequent intervals to compensate for the gain or loss through this cracks.

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