For Commercial Buildings

Wether you are a store front, hair salon, doctor's office, restaurant or any type of business that requires a continuously working Air Conditioner. We can provide you prompt repair services and with a great Preventative Maintenance Plan that is tailored to your business unique needs. Need to upgrade your HVAC equipment? We can help! Give us a call, we offer FREE ESTIMATES!

Commercial Air Conditioner Repair, Sales & Service 

Any type of building and any brand of Commercial Air Conditioner in Palm Beach or Orlando, Florida We can service it.

Dominic DeBoehlmer, President of Aurora Air, has over 20 years of experience and will personally supervise every job. As a commercial property owner, you will have his personal contact number to get feedback and discuss any challenges with the job or the crew, 24/7. No phone tag, but direct communication with the person making the decisions. We guarantee 100% satisfaction every time. No corners cut.

Our Preventative Maintenance Plans Rock!

From a single air conditioner unit to an assortment of them, we provide our customers with unparalleled service for a great low price.  We can customize a plan to fit your exact commercial air conditioner maintenance needs.

Our Tune-up Includes:

  • check Clean or Change Filter

  • check Check Freon Levels

  • check Check Capacitors, Contactors and Relays
  • check Adjust Belts (if Applicable)

  • check Lubricate (if Applicable)

  • check Check and Treat Evaporator Coil with Self Rinsing Solution

  • check Rinse Condenser Coil

  • check Blow Out Condensate Drain

  • check Check all Relays

  • check Check Compressor Amp Draw

  • check Calibrate Thermostats

  • check Check Temperature Differential

  • check Check Condenser Fan and Blower Motor

  • check Check Heat Element Function

  • check Tighten Electrical Connections

  • check Test Safety Controls

All it takes is for you to contact us and we will take care of the rest.  We will offer you a FREE ESTIMATE and send you a proposal to cover your Air Conditioner Preventative Maintenance Needs.