Residential Preventative Maintenance

Get your Air Conditioner on an Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan

Aurora Air, Inc. offers annual preventative maintenance plans that cover all of your air conditioner's needs.  Our yearly plans include 2 complete tune-ups per year (spaced out every 6 months).  During the life of the contract you will also get priority service and 15% discount on any additional service or repair needed during the year.

21 Point Check Tune-up includes:

Treatment and Inspection of Evaporator Coil
Inspection of Blower Motor
Inspection of Circuit Boards and Modules
Float Switch Inspection and Test
Inspection and Tightening Electrical Connections
Inspection and Flushing the Drain Line
Inspection of Air Handler Capacitors
Inspection of Air Handler Transformers
Inspection and Replacing Filters (provided by Customer)
Inspection Refrigerant Lines for Proper Insulation
Inspection of Disconnect Boxes and Breakers
Inspection of Condenser Coil and Flushing
Inspection of compressor for proper amp draw
Checking Freon Levels (adding freon is additonal)
Inspection of Run Capacitors
Inspection of proper operation of the Contactor
Inspection and Tighten Connections at Circuit Boards
Inspection of Service Valves (for leakage)
Inspection and Tightening of Wiring Systems
Inspection of Condenser Fan Motor
Inspection of Accumulators and Reversing Valves

An annual service plan is great to give you peace of mind, as a homeowner, that your HVAC equipment is, and will be, working as it should for longer periods of time.

Single Visits Available

Need a One-Time service call.  We offer our complete tune-ups for $69.95