Air Conditioning Maintenance

Contact Aurora Air for your yearly air conditioner service agreement and save money. Our Air Conditioner Preventative Maintenance includes checking proper refrigerant levels, drain flush, check and clean condenser coil, treat evaporator coil, check safety controls, check electrical connectors, wiring, capacitors and relays for proper operation and much more ...

We Offer 1 Time Preventative Maintenance Tune-ups

If the air handler is in a closet, utility room or in the garage or attic then the price is $69.95

To order service simply fill out the form on this page and someone will contact you within 24 hours to schedule.


Annual Maintenance Services Tailored to Your Needs

Service Includes:

Two Complete Air Conditioner Tune-ups (spaced every 6 months).

Priority service calls.

15% Discount on parts needed during the life of the contract.

Tune-up Includes:

  •  Change/clean filters (provided by customer)
  •  Check safety controls
  •  Inspect all electrical motors
  •  Check freon levels
  •  Inspect condenser coil
  •  Inspect and treat evaporator coil
  •  Add algae tabs
  •  Check all control devices
  •  Check temperature differentials
  •  Calibrate thermostat if applicable
  •  Check heat function
  •  Flush condensate drain

Prices start at $165.00 $135.00 per year.

     Note: You may add filter change/ drain flush visits for $49.95 per visit.