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Pool Heat Pump Winterization


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Winterizing is a process whereby a heat pump is prepared for freezing conditions. In areas where freezing conditions are a rare and brief occurrence, the water filtration system must be permitted to run continuously throughout the freeze period. Typically, during light freeze conditions (outside temperatures remain at, or just below 32°F for four (4) hours or less), circulating (moving) water will not solidify.

In areas where freezing conditions are prevalent and sustained, in advance of any freeze event, all water MUST be removed from the entire heat pump water circuit.

Freeze Damage is NOT Covered Under Product Warranties

Water expands when it freezes. Permitting water to freeze within a heat pump will severely damage the heat pump condenser and associated water circuit. Damage resulting from a failure to properly winterize your heat pump is NOT typically covered under the product warranty.

Depending on the model and when it was manufactured, there are different methods for winterizing your heat pump. Please call or fill out our contact form to discuss winterization options with one of our heat pump technicians. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and schedule the next available appointment to winterize your pool heat pump.