Rheem Package Unit Heat Pump

Rheem RQNL RQPL Heat Pump Package UnitClassic Series: Package Heat Pump

 Up to 14 SEER
 RQPL - 1 & 3 phase
 RQNL - 3 phase only
 Convertible Airflow
 2-4 Ton
 Scroll Compressor

RQNL & RQPL Product Features

 The Scroll® Compressor. All of our residential package units – regardless of efficiency level – feature the Scroll Compressor. The scroll compressor uses a more advanced technology than traditional reciprocating compressors. They have fewer moving parts, and they are quieter, more efficient, and longer lasting.

 Durable Cabinet with Louvered Condenser Compartment. Our cabinets have a powder painted finish that protects them from the harshest weather extremes and keeps them looking new for years. And our louvered condenser compartment is the best in the industry for protecting the condenser coil against yard hazards and weather extremes.

 Grille/Fan Motor Mount. Our motor mount helps protect the fan motor from the elements for longer life. Its design also helps reduce vibration and noise.

 Easily Accessible Control Box. Operational controls are “up front” for quick installation and easy service diagnostics.

 Matched Blower/Evaporator Coil Unit. The blower is responsible for the flow of air into your ductwork. It has been designed to match the MultiFlex® evaporator coil and other system components for maximum efficiency and quiet operations. In addition, the coil features rifled copper tubing and enhanced fins for improved efficiency.

 Service Fittings. Exterior service fittings enable a serviceman to quickly determine unit operating conditions.


Rheem RQPM Packaged Unit Heat PumpPackage Dedicated Horizontal Heat Pump

 Up to 16 SEER
 PQPM, RQRM - 1 & 3 phase models
 RQNM - 3 phase only
 2-5 Ton
 Scroll Compressor

RQNM, RQPM, RQRM Product Features

 Durable Cabinet. Our galvanized steel cabinet protects your Rheem unit from the elements, helping reduce maintenance expense. Our slim design occupies less room in your yard and installs with a flush fit against your home.

 Serviceability. Service time and expense are kept to an absolute minimum. Four service panels provide your technician easy access to all internal components.

 Fan-tastic. Our motor mount prevents damage to your fan motor, extending its service life.

 Protective Barrier. Each unit features full-louvered protection of the sensitive condenser coil, which keeps damage caused by accidental contact to a minimum, and adds to the longevity of your unit.

 Heart & Scroll. The heart of your Package Heat Pump is the compressor. That’s why every Rheem unit features a Scroll® Compressor – widely recognized as the industry standard for performance and durability.

 Low Corrosion. Low Sound. Special base rails elevate the bottom of the unit off the ground and away from corrosive condensation. The combination of the durable cabinet, large outdoor fan, scroll compressor and elevated base pan all contribute to quiet, dependable operation.


 Supplemental Electric Heat Strips. These optional electric heat strips can provide supplemental heating capacity during periods of extreme cold.