Duct systems are used to channel conditioned air throughout the house, however in any household typically about 30% of air is lost owing to holes, leaks and/or inadequately connected ducts.

This leads to higher utility bills, and presents an increased difficulty keeping the house comfortably conditioned irrespective of how the thermostat may be fixed. A duct-system that is properly laid out and sealed can improve energy efficiency and safety of the home. Since ducts are commonly concealed in walls or attics, repairing them is difficult.

It is best to hire professionals to work on and seal the ducts, such as Aurora Air, Inc., so that the repairs and sealing is carried out efficiently. This is of immense importance as there are great safety risks attached to a leaking duct system, as they may cause ‘back-drafting’ of combustion gases (issued from gas appliances, such as cloth dryers), instead of being expelled outdoors; Sealing the ducts properly can mitigate these risks. Moreover, a well-designed and sealed duct system enables downsizing to a smaller cooling system but with better dehumidification qualities, which is vital particularly in Florida’s climate.

Airflow is best when all duct circuits have solid walls. Leaks are a main cause for inadequate performance of air conditioning systems.

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