Air Conditioning and Global Boiling; Time to Pay Attention.

In this age of information, being connected in every device possible, has created a serious concern on our population of the global climate challenge we face.

Some scientists have announced, that more than global warming, now we face global boiling.

What is Global Warming?

Global warming is the name of the effect caused on the planet by mistakes of ignorant or selfish industrialist in promoting products, chemicals, mining processes that have created damage to our atmosphere, ocean and soils. EPA, FDA and other institutions, Americans rely on, had been hijacked and rendered useless by lobbyist and superpacs of large corporation interest that rewarded our representative into accepting the crookedness of savage capitalism. 

Nocive gases added to our PPM count (Particles Per Million) of man made chemicals have caused for heat to be trapped in the planet instead of bouncing back to space, generating the greenhouse effect and the sickhouse effect.  Our industry, HVAC, is one of the most damaging one.  Refrigerant made of fossil fuels and turned into products known as R22 or R410 have leaked into the air due to faulty equipment or irresponsible technicians that do not collect the refrigerant to be disposed properly.

The refrigerant climbs to our highest parts of the atmosphere and creates a reflective bounce back effect, due to mirror-like crystal particles, that is helping heat up the planet faster than ever.

The race is on to find solutions to heat or cool our homes without using nocive and harmful products.  United States has more air conditioners than any other nation, and it is in USA where we need to come up with a solution that can be shared globally as more people outside of USA are using not-so-safe refrigerants to cool their homes which are provided, through patents, by humongous chemical companies that refuse to give up on such a profitable product regardless of the repercussions.  Through lobbying and loopholes, they are preventing for other solutions to appear.

Things that can be done to help your home compensate the longer and hotter summers.

Insulation – Verify your insulation is offering the “R” factor by keeping it at the level specified by the manufacturer of the insulating media. The attic is one of the hottest places in the home and without proper insulation, it will transfer through your ceiling to your living spaces.

Plant Trees – Tree shades are a great way to keep your home cooler.  Shade from trees can help your home by reducing direct exposure from the sun, thus reducing temperatures by many degrees (some say up to 20).

Install Double Pane Windows – Double pane windows have an insulating capacity that also helps keep your home space cool while using your air conditioner in Florida type weather.

Seal Doors and Windows – Ensuring there are no areas where hot outside air enters the home helps your air conditioner perform more efficiently. 

Perform Regular Maintenance – Maintenance on your air conditioner unit must be done on time.  In residential units, semi annual maintenance is a great choice. For commercial spaces, quarterly or bi-monthly inspections and service maintenance is highly recommended.

We are able to face our global warming or boiling dilemma by using services like Aurora Air to keep up with your air conditioner maintenance needs and as home owners, ensure we remain comfortable by following the needed steps to improve the performance of our HVAC equipment. PS – Do not forget to regularly change your filter as a clogged filter will deteriorate the performance of your air conditioner.